The three-storied facility constructed in a space of 13 months is located inside the RNP General Headquarters in Kacyiru, and valued at over Rwf2.4 billion including equipment worth over Rwf335 million. The money is part of the welfare fund for the officers

The building, which had both male and female wings has the capacity to accommodate at least 1500 police officers divided in three sections according to ranks; senior and junior as well as Non-Commissioned Officers’ sections.

It has a duty-free shop, modern kitchen and mess where officers are served; barber shop, waste water treatment plant; rain water harvest system; automated water supply system; washing area as well as healthy rooms including gym, among others.

Minister Busingye said that the “construction of such a big facility in a short time at a less cost to facilitate a big number of officers is a commendable act and a big step further in improving the welfare, management and operations of the officers.”

He thanked the leadership of RNP for translating the Head of State’s guidance into reality in improving the welfare of the officers and creating engineering regiment, adding that “this is an indication that we can even do it and better.”

The facility was constructed by a South Korean construction company, Dong-il with the support and supervision of the RNP Engineering Regiment.

“Who knew that in just 17 years, our Police force would be where it is today! But where there is able and visionary leadership, hope translates into reality, and this is a testimony,” Minister Busingye said.

This hostel comes as an answer to many officers operating in the City of Kigali, who will now save money that they were otherwise spending on rent and food, as well as time to and from their homes.

It has also come to cut the RNP expenses in transporting officers to and from their homes, their administration and operations.

“Such welfare schemes add value to police doctrines and contribute answers to professional conduct and policing, which people in Rwanda expect of you to ensure their maximum safety and a firm ground for sustainable development,” Minister Busingye said.

So far, some staff-quarters have been constructed in various districts by residents themselves, and the Minister, while commending the role the public play in policing, said that such welfare schemes will also be extended in all regions.

Beneficiaries speak

Sergeant Chantal Uwitonze said that the hostel will cover all expenses she was incurring on rent and foodstuffs as well as saving her time.

I will be at work on time, and use the money I was spending on rent and food, to further improve my welfare,” Uwitonze added.

Assistant Inspector of Police (AIP) Clement Ndamukunda said: “I will be able to avoid some temptations through the inspirations of my fellow officers. It was possible to be tempted where I was renting. This is a decent hostel, which will further help us stay honest, disciplined and concentrate on the work of making people safe and secure.” SRC: Police

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