According to a statement on the website of the National Council For Children (NCC) in Rwanda, a Day of the African Child provides an occasion for relevant government institutions, international institutions and NGOs to renew their on-going commitments of raising awareness on issues affecting children in general and particularly vulnerable children.

For the above reason, officials from Gasabo District and its development partners including Hope and Homes for Children gathered at Mbandazi Primary School in Rusororo sector. This event that took place yesterday was attended by pupils and the local population in big numbers. They discussed children’s rights and how to end all forms of child labour.
Mr Alfred Nduwayezu, the executive Secretary of Rusororo Sector requested joint efforts by parents, teachers and all stakeholders to ensure that all children’s rights are respected and put an end to all forms of child labour.
The Director of Mbandazi Primary School urged parents to assist children by ensuring they do not drop out of school. By maintaining our children in schools, she said, it will protect them from all sorts of harm including child labour
Speaking to Express News, Mr Esperance Mukasekuru a Social worker in Hope and Homes for Children Rwanda said “we want to see every child grow up in a loving family. To achieve this, we have to work with other partners in a Child Protection Network. Through our partnerships with government officials, civil society organisations, international agencies as well as committed individuals, we will continue to put forward the best interest of the children”
On the 16th of June 2018, Rwanda joined other member countries of the African Union (AU) to commemorate the Day of the African child (DAC). At national Level the event took place in Gakenke District. At the level of the African continent, this year’s DAC were celebrated under the theme of “Leave no child behind for Africa’s Development”. To align this theme to Rwanda’s political and policy focus, the event were celebrated under the theme: “Twitabire gahunda mbonezamikurire y’abana bato, dutegure ejo heza h’u Rwanda”. The theme was chosen to reiterate the Rwandan Government’s commitment to promote inclusive development by ensuring the child’s well-being and good future as well as reducing social inequities within a generation through the holistic approach of Early Childhood Development (ECD) program.

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