WDA Director General Jerome Gasana says merging The Integrated Polytechnic Regional Centres (IPRCs) will be done in order to improve quality of education.

In December Rwanda’s cabinet decided to merge different IPRCs to form one Public institution which will be named “Rwanda Polytechnic” with different colleges.

Merging Integrated Polytechnic Regional Centres, will be done meanwhile the same action were performed to University of Rwanda for the sake of improvement of quality of education, even if it seems that nothing good were rehabilitated till now as stated by beneficiaries(students).

As at December 2015, there are 34 institutions of higher education in Rwanda, 11 public and 23 private.In 2013, the government of Rwanda merged all public universities, leading to one public university, University of Rwanda, with six colleges.

Under the new dispensation, eight colleges will be under the Rwanda polytechnic. These are; College of Kigali, College of Ngoma, College of Karongi, College of Huye, College of Tumba, College of Musanze, College of Gishari, and College of Kitabi.

The College of Kigali (formerly IPRC-Kigali) is likely to host the headquarters of the new institution of higher learning.

The Express News


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