Rwandan army has responded on the previous skirmish attacks on the border parts of the country in south assuring tracking down of the perpetrators.

Lt Col Innocent Munyengango, Rwanda’s Army Chief Spokesperson, while officiating the commissioning of the 180 officer cadets at Rwanda Military Academy in Gako, Bugesera District, journalists asked whether, the army could retaliate the attack, says they are looking for the location of the attackers and the reason behind it.

“It’s not a big a deal. As the robbers could come with arms get hunted down and caught. The same way we will do to them. What we are well assured they will be found,” He says.

He says further search is going on to find out those people.

Lt Col Innocent Munyengango , citing the president’s speech, says, Rwandan army is strong enough. Adding, Rwanda’s history gives heavier duties to Rwanda’s military the responsibility of safeguarding the country.

“It is our responsibility to protect the sovereignty of our country but most importantly the sovereignty, well-being and dignity of our citizens,” he adds.

Therefore, that citizens should be well assured of the Protection.

The Express News


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