An Egyptian-British cardiothoracic surgeon, Prof Dr Sir Magdi Yacoub Habib has visited the site where he is planning to construct a Heart Centre in Rwanda.
Yacoub Habib visited the site in Kanombe Military Hospital last week. The Rwanda Heart Centre for Excellence will train cardiothoracic doctors and will provide heart surgery and heart related services which have been requiring Rwandans to seek them from abroad.

Without giving the exact period, officials said that construction works will start very soon, and the centre’s operations will start by training medics that will work there.

Speaking to media , Health Minister, Dr. Diane Gashumba said that currently Rwanda has eleven cardiothoracic doctors, a number that is still low.

She said that other than training local doctors, the centre is expected to provide modern services which will solve the problem of people who need to go for similar services in India, South Africa and France among other countries.

“The government needs to see this project started and solve the problems which people usually face and go outside the country,” he said.

Yacoub Habib hailed the Government of Rwanda for welcoming him and added that Rwanda deserves the centre.

“I was stunned with how everyone is willing to partner with us. This country deserves such a centre in order to protect and operate heart diseases like it is done in developed countries,” he said.

Figures from the Ministry of Health indicate that in Rwanda, there are 38,871 heart patients, of who 928 were operated while 1151 are still waiting for operation services. src :Igihe

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