This Saturday, May 12, 2018, the Excellence Prize 2018 ceremony was held, at the Holiday Inn Hotel in Paris, in the French Capital.

Initiated in 2016 by EJO HEZA Group, in collaboration with the Rwandan Diaspora Communities, the Awards of Excellence honor / recognize members of the Rwandan diaspora and friends of Rwanda whose actions made a positive impact in their communities and particularly in Rwanda.

The 2018 Edition was organized in collaboration with Rwanda community in France (CRF)

Once again this year, the event brought together Rwandans and friends of Rwanda from all over the world and it was a great success.

Participants from Rwanda, the United States, Canada, Germany, Switzerland, Belgium and of course from France and elsewhere gathered at the Holiday Inn hotel located east of the French capital, Paris to take part in this event.

Seven people were honored this year for their actions that had an exceptional impact on the Rwandan community and particularly Rwanda.

They are :

Health Promotion Award

Dr. Charles NSENGIYUMVA, Founder of AME International, received the Award of Excellence in the category “Health Promotion, because of his very valuable efforts to help improve health in Rwanda for the past 15 years.

Humanitarian Award

Mrs Rosine KAMAGAJU DUQUESNE, Founder of the Association Autisme Rwanda and the Reverend Pastor Osee NTAVUKA, founder of Rwanda Legacy of Hope, who received the Award of Excellence because of their contributions in the socio-humanitarian field.

Community Leadership Award

Providence TUYISABE, President of the Rwandan Community of Germany, received the Excellence Prize, category “Community Leadership” because of the remarkable achievements of the Rwandan Community of Germany.

Culture Award Promotion

The Award of Excellence for the “Promotion of Culture” category has been awarded to Mrs. Jacqueline KAREKEZI and Mrs. Béatrice NTASHAMAJE, Founders of the cultural group URUNANA of Switzerland.

Media & Littérature Award

The winner of the “Promotion of Literature and Media” Prize was awarded to editions IZUBA, represented for the occasion by Jean Luc GALABERT and Eugénie MUKAMUGEMA.

Citizen Engagement Award

Finally, the “Excellence in Citizen Engagement” Excellence Award was presented to Mme Espérance GAHONGAYIRE PATUREAU and posthumously to her husband Bernard PATUREAU who left us September 2017 because of their action and commitment to the memory of the genocide committed against the Tutsi.

EJO HEZA Group intends not only to continue this action but also to give it more scope in the future in order to allow the younger generation of the diaspora to take inspiration from the actions of their peers and elders.

Photo credit :EJO HEZA Group

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