National Commission of Human Right (NCHR)asked members of parliament to vote a law of initiating a fund which gives journalist access on source of information.

President of NCHR Madeline Nirere said that citizens have full right of information from different level on different sources.

While she was in Parliament Monday October 29, 2018 she said that Rwanda media houses publish same stories for being limited from some sources.

“journalism need to be facilitated they want a fund; they have to be trained so that to know other international languages.

NCHR president said that Radio has mass audience of 89%, television 33%and social media17%.

National Commission of Human Right shows that there is 38 print media while available on market are not more than four and it doen’t reach the whole people.

In Members of parliament of human Right, Dr Mbonimpa Gamaliel and Dr Frank Habineza asked that the idea of facilitating journalists should be applied so as to reach on its mission.

“I want to ask you to initiate Media Development Fund” said Dr Frank Habineza.

Journalists has a mission of Communicating to people Educating Citizen and Entertaining People.

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