From November 29 to 05 December the third edition of Made in Rwanda trade-fair will be held at Gikondo Expo ground with over 400 exhibitors expected.

This Expo is organized by Private Sector Federation (PSF) in partnership with the government.

Mungwarareba said that Made in Rwanda Expo will display companies whose goods reflect a shift in production process and the implementation of value added strategies.

The Made in Rwanda campaign is a timely initiative whose success would boost domestic production and stimulate local consumption habits.

It is through the growth of industries that produce high quality goods for domestic use and export that Rwanda’s import bill will be diminished.

Rwanda trade deficit has for years been in the range of 15% of the total gross domestic product. This is an issue the government is trying to address, to prevent unsustainable balance of payments.

Rwanda seeks to boost consumption of locally made products through deliberate awareness drive, enhance quality standards, branding and packaging along the value chain.

Manufacturers still wonder when buyers will believe the locally made products since they accuse them to be fragile and not lasting.

According to them, Government should put more effort on mobilizing people to buy Made in Rwanda Products because,they are cheap and durable.

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