The FERWAFA Extraordinary General Assembly which convened on October 29, 2017 adopted the electoral code which will govern the Executive Committee elections of FERWAFA and its affiliate members.

The FERWAFA Extraordinary General Assembly was held at Lemigo Hotel on Sunday. The long-day meeting also elected the electoral committee as well as the Appeals Commission before deciding on the date and venue of the FERWAFA Elective general Assembly.

The main activity of the day was approving the electoral code and aligning it’s relevant acticles in the FERWAFA Statutes and Internal regulation to FIFA’s regulations, electing the electoral and appeals commissions and deciding date and venue of the elective general assembly.

After a day-long exchange, the General Assembly appoved the Electoral Code unanimously with a majority vote.

Among other resolutions passed of the electoral code, for the voting and composition of the FERWAFA Executive Committee as highlighted in article 31 of the FERWAFA statutes, the meeting agreed to have the voting procedures of FIFA enacted during this process.

It was also agreed that in bid of having more women representation in the management of Rwandan football, every woman aspiring to the executive committee will only be required to present a recommendation letter from any FERWAFA member club or association to be elected on the committee.

The meeting also agreed the term of office for the members of the Executive Committee to be four (4) years renewable not more than three times.

The FERWAFA Extraordinary general assembly also elected members of the Electoral Commission which will be chaired by Kalisa Adolphe (APR Fc).

La Jeunesse president Nsabimana Boniface is the vice president of the body while Niyobuhungiro Fidel (Mukura VS), Muhozi Masuhuko Paulin (Gakenke WFC) and Ndashimye Emmanuel (Bugesera Fc) were elected seating members.

Murwanashyaka Gregoire Masista (Gicumbi Fc) and Kirehe’s Muyonde Augustin were voted substitute members of the electoral body.

The meeting also voted into office the Appeals body which will be composed of Mukakarangwa Delphine (Inyemera WFc) as the chairwoman while Semadwinga Caude (Giticyinyoni SC) is the vice president.AEFR’S Rukundo Eugene is the lone seating member of the commission.

Habimana Bonaventure (ES Mutunda WFc) and Nyandwi Philbert (United Stars) were voted as substitute members of the Appeals commission.

The Ferwafa General Secretary Uwamahoro Tharcille Latifah will act as the secretary of both commissions as required by the Electoral code.

The extraordinary general assembly concluded its plenary by determining date and venue of the next FERWAFA Elective General Assembly. The Elective General Assembly will be held on December 30, 2017 at 9h00 at Lemigo Hotel in Kigali City.

Adopting the electoral code was a crucial recommendation from the World Football body, FIFA, a move which prompted the postponement of the FERWAFA Presidential Elections.

On September 3, FIFA requested FERWAFA to put on hold the presidential elections which were set for September 10, 2017 so as to pave way for amendements that were needed to be incorporated into the electoral code governing the FERWAFA Presidential elections.

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