In a letter sent to FERWAFA on Friday evening, FIFA requested FERWAFA to put on hold elections which were set for September 10, 2017, so as to pave way for amendments that need to be incorporated in the electoral code governing the FERWAFA Presidential elections.

“On August 23, 2017, We received a complaint signed by several Club Presidents, including the attached copy, in which they describe irregularities in the electoral process and including the violation of the electoral code of the Rwanda Federation of Football Association (hereinafter: FERWAFA)”, The FIFA general secretary explained in this letter.

FIFA continues to say that, In the interim and in order to prevent a real risk of contesting the elections, FIFA considers it desirable and even necessary for FERWAFA to postpone its elections scheduled for 15 September 2017. FERWAFA may fix a new date for FIFA rendered its conclusions on the subject-matter of the dispute contained in the document in question here within a period not exceeding three months.

The FERWAFA President Nzamwita Vincent told on Friday night, “I have talked to FIFA Secretary General Fatma Samoura over the issue and she has advised us on what we need to do to ensure that our regulations match with the FIFA status. FIFA has agreed to send a team of expert to help us align our regulations to be in conformity with the FIFA status then after we will summon an extraordinary general assembly to approve them before calling for an elective general assembly,”

Meanwhile, the FERWAFA Extraordinary General Assembly which was set for September 10, 2017, will be held as planned but will not discuss the elections item which was among the items on the agenda to be discussed.

The Express News