First Lady Jeannette Kagame has said no development can be attained without the participation of women who constitute 52% of the country’s population.

Mrs. Kagame was speaking yesterday at the Rwanda Patriotic Front (RPF) Women’s League Extraordinary Congress in Kigali ahead of the party’s 30th anniversary.

The league revolved around different topics including the role of Rwandan women in building strong families, their role in the liberation struggle and country’s reconstruction.

First Lady said that different discussions serve as yet another reminder that women are the core pillars of families and the nation.

She said it is women’s duty to never stop supporting and empowering each other while raising future generations as well so they become the kind of responsible leaders who are truly committed to promoting the well-being of everyone.

“Be women who always strive to make things work smoothly, who always work hard for family and country’s well-being. We should fill the half-filled because we don’t need the country that is half-filled,” she said.

“The development cannot be attained when there is no tangible contribution of 52% of Rwanda’s population (women),” she noted.

“In RPF Inkotanyi’s culture, no person walks alone. We should partner with men in search for common solution to sustain our three main duties which are: being leaders, parents and women characterised by harmony,” she urged.

She urged women to always work on targets and to change their mindset by putting in place new ways to help people manage well their time.

“Let’s be the heart of everything, to fulfil things that are partial and make a reality the adage ‘someone who has a woman who contributes, has a better country.’ This saying should be practical here to see foreigners learn from us,” she added.

Mrs Kagame thanked the parents, known or unknown, who gave birth to the country’s liberators.

“I thank everyone who dedicated their lives to the liberation of this country. Those who prayed, raised awareness, lost their spouses, children or parents at the battle front and those who contributed in any way they could.”

She said women are the core of their families and countries, adding that they need to play even a greater role in preparing the next generation of good leaders while always putting the interests of Rwandans first.src: Igihe

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