The Governor of the Northern Province, Jean Marie Vianney Gatabazi called upon residents of Musanze District to avoid family conflicts are to live in harmony.

The Governor made the call, yesterday, while addressing a community meeting that brought together residents of Kinigi and Cyuve sectors.

The Governor, who was accompanied by the Regional Police Commander, appealed to the residents to be proactives in security matters.

“Domestic conflicts affects family growth; you spend much of the time in quarrels rather than utilising it in family development activities like farming, planning businesses and planning for your children,” the Governor told the residents.

He also advised them against polygamous practices, adultery consuming illicit substances and drunkenness, one of the things he said fuel domestic conflicts.

“There are also cases of property where one partner feels they’re the ones with right to property. By law, property are owned by husband and wife,” Governor Gatabazi said.

He also advised couples to legalise their marriages.

The Governor also warned husbands who misuse family income adding that families develop when couples listen to each others, value each other’s ideas and agree on how the implement any development initiative agreed upon.

He further called for strengthened community policing programmes such as Irondo–community night patrols–neighbourhood watch and work with security organs against any illegal of criminal acts.

The Distric Police Commander, Supt. Patrick Butera thanked the residents for their effort especially against illicit drugs.

Supt. Butera urged them to share information on people they suspect to be drug dealers as well as families with domestic conflicts so that they’re resolved before they turn violent.

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