Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) leader Julius Malema who is in Rwanda to attend the first ordinary session of the fifth Pan-African Parliament with South African delegation, said Africa needs to have one currency and one leadership.

Malema said that the session should enable legislators from all over the continent to share their experiences and also advise the AU about the types of programmes and legislations that can be implemented in order to unite the continent.

Mr. Malema described the opening address at the event by Rwanda’s President Paul Kagame as a wonderful speech with more emphasis on free trade and free movement of persons in our continent.

“I think it is a very important message because we need to unite the continent. We can only do that if we move freely, if we move goods freely, if we’ve got one currency and, ultimately, we’ve got one continent under one leadership, with institutions that have got biting teeth-particularly on other countries that are engaged in corrupt activities and violation of human rights,” he said.

Asked about the problems facing the continent such as corruption and economic crises, on the sidelines of the gathering, Malema said Africa needs to have a judicial body that will deal with corruption and warned against it.

“We need to ensure we come up with one binding legislature for all African countries to ensure that they comply with anti-corruption programmes,” he said.

He blamed corruption for being at the heart of African underdevelopment and proposed that a judicial body on the continent would hold leaders accountable because many corrupt individuals on the continent go unpunished and, as a result, people think corruption pays.

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