Rwanda has been entrusted with chairing the Specialized Technical Committee (STC) on Migration Refugees and Internally Displaced Persons for the next two years.

While accepting the responsibility, the Minister of Justice and the Attorney General, Johnston Busingye told the STC Ministerial meeting in Kigali that the government will execute the responsibility with utmost humility.

“We accept with the deep sense of humility and responsibility, the confidence and trust you have bestowed on Rwanda,” he said.

Busingye said that the government of Rwanda fully understands the enormous responsibility that lies ahead but courageous to restlessly and closely work with all member states and African Union Commission towards addressing collective challenges on African migration, Refugees and IDPs.

He said that Rwanda’s tenure comes at critical time when the continent is confronted with the rise of illegal migration reports of Africans facing tremendous hard trip including death when attempting to cross to Europe.

“This is a situation that needs our attention, millions of African are looking to us to address this challenge. Silence would not be a good option” he said.
Call for removal of travel barriers

Busingye said that Africa remains largely closed where Africans still need visas to travel to over half of the continent.

“It is worth recalling that current borders were largely inherited from colonisation that barricanised the continent in total disregard of Africa’s interests. But it is equally worth noting that our recovered political independence comes with responsibility of collectively providing solutions to the various challenges bequeathed to us by our history and still being faced by our continent” he said.

Quoting President Paul Kagame, Busingye said that divisions colonialists imposed on Africans have left them relatively more isolated both from each other and the World as a whole.
He said that apart from hindering Africa’s integration, closing borders for fellow Africans has not made the continent any safer.

“This gathering represent therefore a historical opportunity for us to collectively address some of the continental challenges most arising from our shared history and to devise solutions to our common challenges” he urged participants.

He said that facilitating free movement for Africans in Africa is essential in collective journey towards the development of the continent.src:Igihe

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