No Sonner had the Government of Rwanda started Made in Rwanda Policy than people started to complain about not having enough made in Rwanda products near them.

As days go forward, Rwandan young men Jaures Habineza and Nkazamurego  Alain Pacifique started to look for how this problem should be handled. He built a software which enables people to buy and sell online made in Rwanda products.

This software started working on 1st May 2017, it is expected to help people to easily have an access to made in Rwanda products since the system allows other self-employed people to use it in selling their Made in Rwanda products.

JAURES HABINEZA chief executive officer and co – Founder of Made in Rwanda Online( Photo PSF)

“We started made in Rwanda online, with aim of filling the gap between made in Rwanda buyers and  sellers.”

He added “Creating this website we wanted to satisfy people’s desires especially those who wish to buy made in Rwanda products, regardless their geographical location, i.e those who live in Rwanda as well as people who live abroad.”

When a client is purchasing he/she pays using a visa card when he/she lives in abroad, mobile money for those who stay in Rwanda.

Owners of online made in Rwanda say that they are working in collaboration with DHL, Post office box, in order to make efficiency supply of products to the buyers.

To have an access to their business it requires to have an internet connection and you search, terms, and conditions apply.

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