Tuesday October 6, 2018, Minister of Local Government Prof Shyaka Anastase visited Rusizi district where he is going to assess some of the problems of this district and look for the answer.

This visit has started at the boarder which join Rusizi one and Bukavu town in Democratic Republic of Congo(DRC). He has shown some difficulties they met and asked that they may enlarge it for there is not enough space on inport and export workers and it is even out to date.

On that board Min Shyaka Anastase also visited some projects of self-employment like an international market which was constructed in a partnersip with Government.

He assessed some problems in this market, where there are no people who are working there while it has ended to be constructed and they need money to pay.

Until now, the owners said that they use only 30 % of all market and they are asking government to give a hand in sensitizing people to come and work there.

The Express News

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