“Graced by H. E. Amb. James Kimonyo, The Embassy Secretary, Mr. Kim Kamasa, First of all, allow me to bring you the deepest feelings of compassion of The Governor, H. E. Hassan Ali Joho as we commemorate this terrible occurrence.
There are no proper words to describe this painful memory. Your loss and pain, the grief and suffering brought on the people of Rwanda by brutal self-seekers bereft of all humanity is a stain on our history as the East African region.

Even as we remember the suffering and grief, it is important to remember that the world stood by as hundreds of thousands were butchered.
The East African States merely watched in silence as our people were brutalised and murdered. It is not enough to condemn the perpetrators; we should also condemn the inaction of so many in a position to intervene. They simply looked on.
Some hid behind that cloak of shame of the doctrine of non-interference in internal affairs. It must not happen again.
We are encouraged and uplifted by the tremendous progress that Rwanda has made in the 24 years since the genocide. I wish to extend my deepest respect for H. E. Paul Kagame for leading the transformation that is now the envy of the region.
Rwanda is now a focal point of progress and innovative leadership thanks to the industry and dedication of H.E. Paul Kagame and the leadership of the Rwanda Patriotic Front.
The transformation of Rwanda is a lesson to all of us in the East African region on how astute government can transform a dire situation into an opportunity for all. That opportunity in Rwanda is quickly becoming an opportunity for all Africans as Rwanda becomes a benchmark for excellence in the region.
Your Excellency the Ambassador, please accept my congratulations to the people of Rwanda for banding together to triumph over the great catastrophe.
The resilience, strength and industry of the people of Rwanda in the aftermath of the catastrophe is a mark of pride not just for them but the whole of Africa. The people of Rwanda are now a beacon of hope for all of Africa.
Your Excellency, we too in Mombasa have much to learn from the Rwandan transformation. The beauty and order of Kigali is something we hope to emulate. The inclusivity of government planning and innovation in service delivery are things we will copy.
The triumph of the people of Rwanda is a triumph for all Africans. We join you in these commemorations knowing we stand with warriors of justice and progress.
Long Live Rwanda.”

By Rachael Atieno

The Express News


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