Rwandan musicians have been struggling to get space for their drama and theatre as numerous galas that has interrupted due to unpaid booking venue, concert promotion costs among other issues.

However, all this challenges will be no more, promoters and musicians will be getting free access to Intare Conference Hall when they are organizing their concerts.

They were granted an access in the “Meet the president” that took place at Rusorooro by the president Paul Kagame after the artists raised their grievances.

In the meeting president Kagame had interactive dialogue with the youth that was aimed to help them develop themselves and the country.

“We will talk to those responsible for the administration of the building so that sometimes you could access the hall. Only that you will not use it usually since there are other assignments that are supposed to be done here,” President told.

President also requested the development board RDB to link up with musicians who have no means to expand their to exploit their talents into benefits.

Igor Mabano, one of the Musicians who co-pioneered Nyundo school of Music,says, that the major challenges they meet in the music industry is lack of the venues for their concerts.

“A big number of the concerts we organize are often interrupted due to that reasons of time, sound pollution. We therefore, want to have a safe area where we would no longer be stopped in the middle of our shows, ” he says.

The Express News

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