Nyagatare residents call for Rudahigwa mini-palace rehabilitation

Residents of Mimuri sector, where a mini-palace of King Mutara III Rudahigwa is built, have requested for renovation of the place and to be decorated with vestiges of the old regalia that will be a telling platform of heroism.

The palace of Mutara III Rudahigwa is located in Rebero village, in Rugari cell, Mimuri sector of Nyagatare district. Mutara Rudahigwa who was identified as hero of Imena category built the mini-palace in 1950.

The place is characterized by disjointed tiles and nests.

An elder in the area, Karasanyi Yussufu, who was alive during King Mutara II Rudahigwa’s reign, explained that the place was not a royal palace but a temporary residence where he would camp when he visited the area. In an event the king was elsewhere, the mini-palace would be used to accommodate people coming from or going to Uganda on different missions.

Karasanyi said that Mutara III Rudahigwa’s times were marked by excellent milestones that include elimination of hard labor.

Rudahigwa mini-palace in Nyagatare

“Before his death, he had eliminated hard labor and serfdom that white people were visiting upon Rwandans. At that time Rwandans would carry milk cans from Nyagatare to Gicumbi on their heads. It is believed he was killed because of mobilizing against such forced labor,” he said.

Residents of Mimuri say that they have a leaf to pick from Mutara’s actions for he died fighting for citizens’ interests.

The mini-palace is in ruins, the roof having caved in. Twahirwa Théoneste, a Nyagatare district official in charge of culture, said that underway to rebuild the mini-palace to museum standards.

“This mini-palace together with the place called ‘Kucya Rudahigwa’ are among places we plan to renovate during the 2016-2017 budget, so visitors can see more with regard to the history of Kings in Rwanda,” he said.

The Express News Rwanda 

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