In 2016 Hope and Homes for Children (HHC) trained 74 groups of Nyarugenge Community volunteers in income generating activities through internal saving and lending. Each group is made up of 20 up to 30 persons.

Those Community volunteers learnt skills on the approach of joining together in small groups for saving and micro credit and, this reinforced social cohesion among them. Those families are now economically strong and, according to some Hope and Homes for Children officials, there is no risk of family break up that often lead to institutionalisation.

“Over the last two years HHC continued to assist them in order to ensure their resilience and, today they were handed over to Nyarugenge district authorities in charge of cooperatives” said Aline Kayiganywa one of HHC staff in Rwanda.

Mr Cyrdion Ntihabose, a father of 6 children is part of a group known as “Twisungane”. Speaking to The Express News he said: “Ever since I joined this group, my knowledge on how to start and manage my Income generating activities increased. As a result, all my children have health insurance, I pay their school fees, and I have enough to feed and clothe them”

Ms Anathalie Mukagihana who joined a group called “Tuzamurane” said “staff from Hope and Homes for children taught us how to work together, support one another. This gave us hope for the future!”

As for Mr Severin Rwamucyo, Director of good Governance in Nyarugenge District, he lauded HHC for having initiated this useful programme in favour of some of his district residents. “As the district, we support all initiatives aimed at building the resilience of families, because, as you know strong families are the basis of any human society”
Hope and Homes for Children is a British charity working with children, their families and communities by closing institutions, supporting children into loving, stable families and working with governments to tackle the root causes of family breakdown

The Express News

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