The Ministry of Health (MINISANTE) has announced that over 1900 Rwandans suffer from cancer every year, and called on all people to embrace programmes that would help guard against the disease.

As she joined Gisagara District residents to mark World Cancer Day 2018, Health Minister, Dr. Diane Gashumba called on residents to embrace healthy and active lifestyles.

“Cancer is taking toll due to nutrition change among populations; they are not eating fruits and vegetables but eat oily foods. We urge people to do sports and embrace cleanliness; dirtiness can attract Hepatitis and Hepatitis attracts Cancer,” she explained.

Southern Province Governor, Marie Rose Mureshyankwano said that sports would be a culture in the whole province.

“Sports is life strength. Exercising brings good health. As we launched mass sports in Gisagara, we are going to make it monthly in the province,” she said.

The Express News

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