The National Electoral Commission (NEC) has announced that they have received six independent parliamentary aspirants for the September elections. They picked the forms enabling them collect signatures supporting their candidature.

Speaking in a telephone interview with IGIHE, NEC Executive Secretary, Charles Munyaneza said that the commission continues to conduct different preparatory activities.

“Preparatory activities include receiving individual candidates seeking NEC documents allowing them to collect signatures from voters supporting their candidatures. We have issued the documents and we believe that the process is going well. On Tuesday 19th June, we had already received six,” he said.

Munyaneza said that starting from July 12th to 25th, they will be receiving candidatures from both political parties and independent candidates.

“After receiving candidacies, we shall evaluate them and those who will fill the requirements will start to campaign,” he explained.

Munyaneza said that conducting all elections activities will cost Rwf5.4 billion.

He said that currently the number of voters is about 7.2 million people adding that civic education continues and youth and persons with disabilities have already been sensitized on how they will vote their representatives.

“We are organizing meetings with different institutions which play big part in elections. Tomorrow (Friday) we shall have a meeting with diplomats. We are also organizing another meeting with Civil Society Organisations and we will have another one with Political Parties,” he explained and noted that they are receiving election observers.

The Express News


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