The statement was made by His Excellency Paul Kagame on Monday, in his New Year address where by Kagame points out economy, security, well-beings of Rwandans ,mutual relations of Rwandans and diplomatic relation in the whole region, including national election held in in August, 2017, as remarkable achievement of the year 2017 that ended on 31st December.

The President said that all were made possible due to the spirit of working together with commitment and determination of Rwandans.
In his address ,President Kagame, went on to urge Rwandans to maintain that way of working together which has been adopted from long time. The president reminded further that with the spirit of working together “no goal is unattainable”. He couldn’t hold back hitting back at people who are driven with the will to destabilize and reverse what we achieved wanting Rwandans to return back in worst moments of their past, therefore urging Rwandans to keep an eye on them and halting them in whatever ways.

“There will be always those who want to undermine Rwanda. We must ensure they never succeed wherever they would come from or whatever means they have. This is why building our capabilities is essential”
The President wound up this address by urging every Rwandans to play their part in taking the responsibility of build and protecting all their achievements and wishing them a year of making a bigger strides in the journey of unity, development for generations to come.


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