The study that led to this report was carried out by experts from the World Bank Group and those from the Government of Rwanda.

The study identified four essential and interdependent drivers of future growth – innovation, integration, agglomeration, and competition. The report emphasizes that these growth drivers need to be harnessed if Rwanda is to achieve its Vision 2050.

The Prime Minister commended the study that led to this report, and thanked His Excellency Paul Kagame, the President of the Republic of Rwanda for his visionary leadership, without which Rwanda would have never had this kind of study done.

The Premier hailed as well the team of experts who worked on this report, and expressed the Government and people of Rwanda’s contentment to note that Rwanda is the third country across the globe after China and Vietnam to have conducted a similar study.

He remarked that the results from this study will be an inspiration for improving the transformational reforms that the Government of Rwanda has started;

« I have no doubt whatsoever, that the findings and recommendations of this study will serve as a key reference in the definitions of our future growth targets in key priority areas of the report such as: Human capital development; Export dynamism and regional integration; Urbanization; Competitive domestic enterprises; Agricultural modernization; and capable and accountable public institutions. » The Premier said.

Prime Minister noted that successful implementation of these findings will require active involvement and joint efforts of various stakeholders, including the private sector, civil society organizations, development partners and other stakeholders.

Prime Minister stated Rwanda’s commitment to supporting the implementation of the recommendations of this study and welcomed further collaboration with the World Bank to achieve upper middle income status by 2035 and high income status by 2050 to improve the quality of life for all Rwandans.

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