Rayon Sports beat the Police FC 4-0 in a convincing display on Saturday as their rival APR FC were held to a draw by AS Kigali to leave their title hope only remain hung on simple margin.
Rayon Sport found the win following the display whereby their new re-signing attacker, Ismaila Diarra came on to score a hat trick on 18 minutes of the play, 40th and 44th minutes of the halftime. Police tried to replace the Nduwayo Daniel the starting goalkeeper with Nzarora Marcel with a hope to keep the balance in the play only to see things turn against them with Diarra adding another hat trick goal a minutes before halftime.
The second half started with Police FC trying their chance to see the back of the net but it took only some time for Djabel Imanishimwe who came in as replacement for Mugume Yassini with the former assisting superbly Kwizera Pierrot with the deciding goal.
Police FC tried their best to turn things around but 90 minutes of the play ended without recording a goal attempt.
The Convincing Rayon Sport win made them to lead the table with 4 points, Police FC who have beat APR FC in the first match stands second with 3 points, AS Kigali 2 and APR FC the title holder trailing the table with 1 point.
The match was played with their current coach Olivier Karekezi back on duty after a stay in Sweden which has caused speculations of parting ways with Rayon Sports to mount most especially following a series of problems he has been facing in his few days of his career as a rayon Sports coach including police detention of the claims which he was later acquitted.
APR FC who were earlier on the day held to a 1-1 draw by the citizen ,AS Kigali, remains with little hope of retaining the title with mathematical margin. APR FC Last match,1ST February, heroes day will be played against the longtime rival Rayon Sports and will at least need a 5-0 goals victory against Rayon Sports and wait to see whether Police FC versus AS Kigali match finishes in a draw.

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