A group of 270 Rwanda Defense Force troops from mechanized battalion is off for deployment in, Juba, South Sudan for peacekeeping mission.

The group that jetted off, on Saturday, for Juba, South Sudan is a batch of totally 920 troops from mechanized battalion infantry that is being deployed in a target to keep the squad on peacekeeping mission strongly armed and their equipment have been transported on roadway via Uganda-Rwanda border, Gatuna.

There is an already on peacekeeping mission duty group in South Sudan of 2,300 RDF personnel of which the newly deployed RDF personnel will be added to make the squad as big as of 2,793 personnel from 3 Mechanised infantry battalion and 1 aviation unit all on peacekeeping mission under UNMISS.
The mechanized infantry battalion is deployed following Resolution 2304 (2016) adopted by the United Nations Security Council authorizing the deployment of a Regional Protection Force (RPF) in support of the United Nations Mission in South Sudan to provide a secure environment in and around Juba, that was adopted on 12 August 2017
The RDF spokesperson Lt Col Innocent Munyangango told the media that the move to deploy the mechanized battalion infantry as part of RPF (Regional Protection Force) falls in line with the request and the resolution by the United Nations .
Since 2004, Rwanda was widely known to have highly contributed in providing peacekeepers for both UN and AU missions. The Rwandan Defense Forces (RDF) haveinarguably won their respect due to their training, discipline, the development ethos they bring to deployments, and the growing number of women among those trained and deployed.
There is currently a total of 6,274 RDF personnel on peacekeeping missions in different countries which include South Sudan (UNMISS) ,Sudan (UNMID) and Central African Republic (MINUSCA) all of them under the RDF support.

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