Residents in Ruhango district gears to vote for candidates of the RPF Inkotanyi in the parliamentary election slated September.

Party members in the Mwendo sector, Ruhango district this week campaigned for their representatives.

The RPF members in the Mwendo sector prior the campaign boosted over the existing developments they have reached.

They testify that before genocide they could walk miles and miles to access health facilities at Kabyayi and Kirinda Hospital since was the only hospitals around the area.

“We had no water, electricity at all but at least now majority of the residents can those amenities. Thus, now we have electricity, SACCO , roads in all villages,” Niragire seraphine said.

She says life has changed totally, However, that there are more needs that are not addressed including issues related to Ubudehe categories.

“Advocacy on the Ubudehe categories is needed since many of the citizens are unhappy about it,” she says.

Valens Habarurema, the Chairman of the RPF Inkotanyi Ruhango in district, says, the citizen’s participation in the parliamentary election campain for the Ruhango residents was a good move in supporting their representatives.

He adds that the problem of the Ubudehe categories was due to the mistakes done in registration and categorization of the citizens.

Theogene Rusanganwa, the RPF Inkotanyi cwmpain manager in Ruhango District, says, RPF as a party has done tangible developments which lay a hope that even those that have not yet been reached will achievable.

Faida Jean Marie, Chief Executive Officer, Blue Mining Ltd, a Parten of Mwendo sector, also believes RPF has done much in the country. though, that collaboration between the government and citizens is needed.

“We are waiting for the date as we will be voting for the party,” he adds.

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