Police in Rutsiro District, on January 14, reached out to about 300 youth and sensitized them on fighting and preventing crimes, their role in driving the community policing philosophy.

The youth are from various religious denominations in Rutsiro.

Assistant Inspector of Police (AIP) Jean Bosco Mugenzi, the District Community Liaison Officer (DCLO) of Rutsiro, while speaking to the youth in Gihango Sector, said that one of the challenges affecting the young generation is illicit drugs.

The session was also attended by the Pastor Dominique Hitimana, who heads the youth group.

“The young people are the majority victims of narcotic drugs. It’s a problem that has denied some of your generation education, destroyed their health and turned them into criminals or people who are not resourceful to their families, communities and the country,” AIP Mugenzi told the youth.

Narcotic drugs are said to be causing heath and liver diseases, cancer and mental illness. It is also said to be one of the causes of school dropouts, domestic conflicts and child abuse.

The DCLO also took them into the legal implications of people that indulge in drug related crimes. The law related to narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances is currently being revised, hiking the penalty to between 20 years and life sentence to dealers.

He urged them to focus on their education, support their parents and community development, and be agents of community policing by reporting wrongdoers such as drug dealers.

Pastor Hitimana thanked Rwanda National Police for guiding the youngsters and teaching them values that makes them into focused and resourceful people.

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