Rwanda peacekeeper, Cpl Buregeya Theophile of Rwandan battalion (RWANBATT50) serving under African Union-United Nations Hybrid Operation (UNAMID) in North Darfur, Sudan on 21 October 2017 won the trophy and gold medal in marathon competition organized by UNAMID.

Cpl BUREGEYA Theophile won the Trophy and Gold medal after covering 12 Km in the men’s race. He used 42 minutes, 31 seconds and 12 microseconds to cross the finish line ahead of the second runner peacekeeper from Gambia with 47 minutes 23 seconds and 54 microseconds.

The UNAMID marathon competition title holder challenged 200 Peacekeepers from Police, military Staff and Civilians serving under UNAMID in North Darfur.

“I am very excited to win this race; I was not at my best because we had not had enough time for preparations, today’s victory is a big motivation for future competition, I thank the commanding officer Rwanbatt50 leadership and colleagues for their support”, UNAMID marathon winner said.

The UNAMID deputy Director Mission support awarding the trophy for the winner’s marathon competition thanked all participants especially the winners and commended the importance of practicing sport.

The UNAMID marathon competition was organised to celebrate UN Staff Day on 24 October 2017

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