As Rwanda-France relations continue to tumble, Rwanda has recalled her ambassador to Paris following France’s Justice Call for Defence Minister Gen. James Kabarebe to testify about the shooting down of a plane that was carrying President Juvenal Habyarimana in April 1994.

According to Jeune Afrique, Rwanda’s ambassador to France, Jacques Kabale has been temporarily recalled following the call for fresh investigations.

France recently launched fresh investigation in the shooting down of Habyarimana’s plane.

The Rwanda Government says bringing in the excuse of investigations is France’s shield to hide its role in the preparation and execution of the 1994 genocide against the Tutsi.

Four years ago, France judges had concluded that there was no way the RPF could have been in position to shoot down the Habyarimana plane saying that the shooter was in Kanombe Military Barracks which was under control of Habyarimana’s army.

The new wave of misunderstandings follows testimonies by some Rwandans in France courts, including expelled former military personnel and others opposed to Rwandan government. Basing on such testimonies, French courts called Kabarebe in France by December to defend himself.

However, sources say that Kabarebe will not go to France to defend himself about what the Government of Rwanda calls ‘a political farce masked as justice.’

Currently, France has no ambassador in Rwanda following the retirement of Michel Flesch in 2015.

Recently, the Minister of Foreign Affairs and East African Community Louise Mushikiwabo, said through her twitter wall that Rwanda is running out of patience over France’s allegations.

“Rwanda is running out of patience with endless unjustified case fabricated by a judge in France, a political farce masquerading as justice,” Mushikiwabo’s twit reads.src: Igihe

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