About 300 representatives from across Africa and beyond will participate in a three-day Interpol conference scheduled for 5-7 February in Kigali, a police source disclosed Thursday in Kigali.

Heads of police from all African countries and police cooperation bodies, including the Interpol Executive Committee and Secretariat, will come together to discuss specific crime-related problems in Africa, according to the statement issued by the Rwandan police.

Rwanda police officials will take the opportunity to share with their African counterparts their experiences and discuss ways to tackle common and emerging crime issues, it said.

Interpol members in some countries across the world have cooperated with Rwandan police in the past.

Interpol is considered the second largest international police organization in the world, with 190 member states.

The organization enables police and other law enforcement agencies from different countries to transcend borders and share crime-related information.

Areas of focus during the meeting in Kigali include: Cybercrime and innovation; Trafficking in human beings-child exploitation; Financial crime and anti-Corruption; and Illicit trafficking of drugs and pharmaceuticals.

The conference will also discuss current challenges faced by African countries in some key areas such as environmental security; counter-terrorism and maritime piracy; Interpol policing capabilities; and, regional challenges and cooperation.

Rwanda joined Interpol in 1974 during the 43rd Interpol General Assembly held in Cannes, France.

source APA

The Express News


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