Rwanda investigative Bureau (RIB) announced they are about to increase number of Isange one Stop centers in the country so as to help violation victims to get a quick help for their problems.

Rwanda was celebrating the International Human Right Day, where they focused on Sexual Violence especially teenager’s pregnancies. The program was prepared by AJPRODHO-JIJUKIRWA, Youth for Human Right.

Jeanne D’Arc Mukandahiro who leads Isange One Stop Center said that those people delay to reach Isange and the medicament became useless to prevent them to get pregnancy.

She said that 80% of women who approach Isange One Stop Center use to be pregnant for delaying to take curatives.

Youths who attended the programs stated that some children violated for they are not aware of information, lack of money to get to hospital, far away from Isange One Stop Center which result to the increase the number of victims.

They said that Isange One Stop Center should be distributed to all Health Centers so that it will be easy to the children to get there and gain services.

Jeanne D’arc Mukandahiro promised that they are going to increase the number of centers so as to decrease the number of pregnancies.

“Isange One Stop Center is always ready to help but because of a delay, those before 48 hours’ medicament to prevent unwanted Pregnancies and 72 hours’ medicaments to prevent them HIV/AIDS are useless.

“we going to put as many centers as possible to solve the problem.”

She added that they are going to bring ambulances to fasten the services and this will decrease number of children who got pregnant or HIV in that way.

Minister of Gender and Development (MIGEPROF), announced that about 17 thousand of children between 16-19 years got pregnant in 2016.

Research done by organizations for Human Right (CLADHO) from10 districts in 2016, showed that children who get pregnant meet with many effects where 45% drop out schools, 19% attacked by poverty, 11% great depression, 9% meet with difficulties, 5% in rejection and 2% have trauma.

By IRABIZI Viviane

The Express News

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