The2017 Ibrahim Index of Governance report by Mo Ibrahim Foundation has ranked Rwanda as the most transparent country in Africa when it comes to governance

The research was conducted between 2000 and 2016 among 54 African Countries and covered the overall governance, safety and rule of law, participation and human rights and sustainable economic opportunity among others.

Among the performance indicators of the report are; human development, welfare, education and health, safety and rule of law, accountability personal safety and national security among others.

In terms of accountability, fighting corruption in government and public officials Rwanda scored 72.1%..

Rwanda scored 100% in Access to Information, 61.8% in online public services, 82.8% in access to justice, 85.5% in public sector accountability and transparency, and 97.8% in diversion of public funds.

Citizens commend quick services offered by local governance through online platform ‘Irembo’ which ended queues in front of offices and bureaucracy.

Another indicator that raised Rwanda’s position in governance is good services provision sensitization campaign among services providers that was launched across the country.

According to RGB Chief Executive Officer, Prof. AnastaseShyaka, having been ranked on good position doesn’t imply that there are no loopholes.

“It doesn’t mean that we have no problems, we should continue to seek solutions for remaining problems” he said.

In overall governance Rwanda was ranked 9th with 63.9% as Mauritius tops African countries with 81,4%.

On safety and rule of law, Rwanda is the 12th whereas in East African Countries Tanzania is 14th, Uganda 25th, Kenya27th and Burundi 49th.

The report ranks Rwanda 5th in personal safety after Botswana and Namibia. In gender it is the first, 3rd in sustainable economic development and 9th in public management.

Rwanda also tops other African countries in Business environment and rural development and is the 17th in infrastructure. src:Igihe

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