The East African Legislative Assembly yestaday finally picked a new speaker in a tense election boycotted by Tanzania and Burundi.Rwandan Mr Martin Ngoga, a member of the regional Parliament from Rwanda, garnered 33 votes against three by his closest competitor Leontine Nzeyimana , He become a Speaker of the East African Legislative Assembly (EALA).

Martin Ngoga is the first Rwandan to hold the position since Rwanda joined EALA. No sooner had he voted than he sworn in.

Burundi and Tanzania had fronted candidates – Leontine Nzeyimana and Adam Kimbisa respectively) to contest Ngoga’s bid.
EALA’s previous assembly:
2001 to 2006: Abdulrahman Kinana – Tanzania
2007 to 2012: Abdi Abdirahim – Kenya
2012 to 2017: Margaret Zziwa &Daniel Fred Kidega – Uganda
2017 to 2022: Martin Ngoga – Rwanda

Mr Kenneth Madette, the clerk of the Assembly, ordered that the second round should involve the first two winners as per the Eala Rules of Procedure.

The second vote confirmed Mr Ngoga as the fifth speaker of the regional assembly, replacing Mr Daniel Kidega from Uganda.

The Express News


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