By the reason of being thirsty in providing their contribution in the development of the country, about 150 Rwandan Students studying in South Korea sacrificed themselves and fundraised 762,170 Rwandan Francs, for the payment of medical insurance cards for 255 people in Gatsibo District.

This is their first contribution in the development of the country especially Gatsibo District, because they also committed to expand their support to other sectors such as teaching ICT Rwandan students and teachers as well, without forgetting their contribution in Girinka program.

On the speaking occasion about this zealous deeds Jacky Tutuba, Acting Director of Rwanda Community Abroad department at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation of Rwanda thanked the students and says this shows that being the part of the development of the country does not require being a billionaire, but rather being sacrificed and committed.

He says: “Some people think that helping requires being rich or having a white collar job. This is a good proof which shows that this an action of committed and sacrificed people. People should learn from these students who fundraised money from their school living allowances.”

Former head of RCA Korea,Ntaganda James, who represented the current Ayinebyona Eliab , pledged that the community will be in position of expanding their contribution in the development of their motherland depending to their ability.

Vice Mayor Kantengwa Mary, thanked these students and Rwandan Community Living in south Korea in General, and joyfully says that the beneficiaries are going to develop themselves and the country in General since their life is secured.

The Express News


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