Forty one students and staff from Ringwood School took part in expeditions over the summer to provide some much-needed international help to communities in these countries.

The students raised their own funds to take part in the expedition.

Twenty five sixth form students along with four members of staff took part in the Camps International four-week expedition to Peru.

The team said they were in awe of Peru’s incredible scenery and world famous ruins; and were humbled by the community that they worked with during the trip.

The team also assisted with the development of a new community centre kitchen in the Colca Canyon as well as a new school dining room – both of which are ongoing projects which rely on Camps International volunteers for their development.

Simon Able, who led the trip to Peru said: “This expedition was the culmination of two years of fundraising by the students. We had a fantastic time, a particular highlight was the resilience of all the group trekking for five days to reach the summit of Machu Pichu. “During our expedition we have forged links with a number of Peruvian communities which we hope to develop further over the coming years.”

The expedition to Rwanda, in partnership with The Amakuru Trust, consisted of seven sixth formers and two members of staff who visited various schools, from nursery through to junior and donated much-needed equipment including children’s books, maths sets and writing materials. Fifty maths sets were donated by Bransgore C of E School who are now also working in partnership with The Amakuru Trust.

The Rwandan school children, many of whom are similar ages to those at Bransgore, were presented with a book about Bransgore School.

Bransgore School is also planning to sponsor a new classroom at the junior school in the near future.

The Ringwood students also taught various subjects to the Rwandan pupils, including English, maths and sports.

One of the Ringwood sixth form students is now pursuing an apprenticeship in nursery nursing and hopes to return to Rwanda in the near future.

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