Angelique Murekatete grew up as a Tutsi in Rwanda. Made to feel from an early age that she was inferior to the Hutu majority, she suffered constant harassment and denigration from teachers, classmates, and neighbors.

When a gang of boys affiliated with a local Hutu militia begins to target Angelique in her teenage years, she is finally forced to fight back. But the Hutu majority has other ideas. Forced to flee for her life, she begins an odyssey of loss, pain, and survival that spans half a continent. A book for all ages, surviving the Stone is a tale of one young girl’s triumph in the face of death and betrayal.

Angelique Murekatete was born in Kigali Rwanda. She is a survivor of the 1994 Genocide. She is married to John L. Dunlop, a Foreign Service Officer. They have two children of their own, James and Malaika and have two adopted children, Mignone and Francine. Angelique travels the world with her husband as he moves from post to post. They have lived with their family in Kenya, Tanzania, Jordan and the United States.

The book is published on 5th May 2018 by Angelique Murekatete and it has 292 pages

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