Police in Burera District have impounded two vehicles that were intercepted trafficking illicit drugs, and arrested three men in connection with the act.
The vehicles and the suspects were intercepted Sunday trafficking 1520 dozens of Blue Sky – a gin classified as narcotics and banned in Rwanda
The Northern Region Police Spokesperson, Inspector of Police (IP) Innocent Gasasira indentified the suspects as Aphrodis Nshimiyimana, Niyibizi Gaparata and Jean De Dieu Higiro, who were traveling in a Toyota Hiace with plate number RAA 542 P and a Ugandan registered Toyota Corolla with plate number UAG 190B.
“We had information that the two vehicles were being used traffic drugs; we mounted a checkpoint and indeed, we found they were transporting the contrabands. The vehicles were impounded to Cyanika police station where the suspect are also detained,” IP Gasasira said.
The development comes two weeks after police in the neighbouring district of Rulindo intercepted other two vehicles trafficking 3800 dozens of Chief Waragi and Kiki Waragi.
“These are psychotropic substances classified as narcotic drugs under the law governing narcotic drugs, psychotropic substances and precursors in Rwanda, and that gives every Rwandan a responsibility to fight it by reporting dealers,” the spokesperson said.
In its article 24, it states that “any drink that exceeds forty five percent of alcohol and any other drink which doesn’t have the required quality for consumption shall be considered as narcotic drug.”
“Any drink parked in sachets or plastic bags is illegal and considered illicit; besides, such drinks don’t meet the required standards and their alcoholic content pose danger to consumers; we urge the public, our strong partners, to press on in this fight,” he warned.
Under 594 of the Penal Code, any person who unlawfully, makes, transforms, imports, or sells narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances within the country, shall be liable to a term of imprisonment of up to five years and a fine of up to Rwf5 million.
Police has enhanced its fight against drug trafficking especially along the border district by rolling out snap-checks and roadblocks and community awareness campaigns, which have facilitated in intercepting drug traffickers.

The Express News


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