Ahead of community service held on Saturday, students from Excella School, members of Umurage Patriotism club, have joined residents of Matware village, Masoro cell, Ndera sector in Gasabo district.

A two-hour service featured preparing different plots. Students together with the residents cut grasses and bushes on the plots of the area.

Phocus Ntwali Donald, the president of the club, said that Umurage Patriotism club has the vision to bring significant contribution to government programmes.

“We sat down as a team of students and thought of how we can bring significant impacts in the community. Besides our studies; we committed to play our part in the government programmes to fight old perceptions that youth are so lazy. We should create a trust for our leaders to show them that once they are no longer in leadership, we shall be able to take over their responsibilities,”Ntwali said.

Kenny Ingabire, a senior 5 student, said that since her childhood she had felt patriotic.

“Loving my country is my value and dignity as a female. I joined the Umurage Patriotism club to encourage my fellow students to work together and dedicate our time and efforts to contribute to the progress of the nation,”she said.

Her fellow Glodie Ngendahimana, a final student in History, Economics and Literature (HEL), echoed Ingabire’s message that young generation should dedicate their efforts to the development of the country and be patriot.

Jean Damascene Manirareba, a leader of Matwaro village, commented on students’participatiion saying that the activity symbolizes how youth are so patriotic.
“We are happy to receive a team of students who are courageous to participate in government programmes. It is an outstanding work we should be proud of as the country,”Manirareba said.

He called upon young generation to be active in government programmes.

Umurage Patriotism Club was created in May this year and so far it has 20 members aged between 12 and 21.

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