The German Car Industry is set to start its investment in car assembling and mobility solutions that will cost around 20 $ million with expectation to come out with 5000 assembled cars per year.

The Industry have already registered its local business, Volkswagen Mobility Solutions Rwanda, and the first production will be at the market by the second quarter of this year with its Local Representative ,Athanase Rutabingwa.
The overall tune of $ 20 million investment will be allocated to building the assembling and retailing base, training and setting up a mobile system that will be significant to multiple share of cars.

The industry will begin by producing three models of their brand notably Teramont, Jetta and Polo of which further models maybe added considering the business environment.
The assemblage base will be at Special Economic Zone and the firm, is expected to come out with the first product of theirs by the end of April or starting May.

The fact that the firm will be operating on local ground is seen, by RDB according to its Chief Executive Officer, Clare Akamanzi, as advantageous and good business venture as it is a remarkable achievement in the Government perspective of attracting foreign investors to come to run their business on local ground.
It will more to the point, be a source of employment to a large number people and facilitate the availability of affordable cars with an advantage of producing multiple shared cars. However, most of equipment in the assembling activities will be imported and according to the Officials from Volkswagen, some of those due to be used in the first phase are on their way on Mombasa port to Kigali.

The Express News

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