The Ministry of Agriculture and Animal Resources (Minagri) has been requested to clarify measures that have been taken to end problems in the sector especially in Rwanda Agricultural Board (RAB) services.

The question was raised yesterday when Minagri Minister, Geraldine Mukeshimana and Trade and Industry Minister, Vincent Munyeshyaka was appearing before the MPs’ plenary session responding to several questions regarding their ministries which were raised in different parliamentary committees’ reports.

Among the problems raised are irrigation machines which provide law production compared to the budget that was spent on them, agro-collection centers and post-harvest handling practices.

MP Marie Josée Kankera questioned whether continuing rotation and dismissal of officials in RAB would not be the reason behind poor performance of agriculture sector.

“Changing an official who does not implement responsibilities is normal, we thank for government efforts to hold into account leaders and dismiss those who fail to implement their responsibilities. But I want to stress RAB officials rotation. Particularly, I think that it affects our production and attracts these problem in agriculture,” she said.

She said that every official entering the institution takes time to analyze problems and initiate measures to solve them.

“A number of PhD holders who were appointed in that board did not last there, doesn’t this attract agricultural and animal resources’ problems that the board should have been responding to? I would like to know whether there are measures to make management of that board stable, because I think that when the management is working properly, all things go well,” she said.

Minister Mukeshimana tried to explain some measures that were taken to respond to problems in agriculture but the plenary was closed before she spoke about the problem with RAB management.

RAB officials dismissal

The extra-ordinary cabinet meeting of January 19th removed Dr. Marc Cyubahiro Bagabe from RAB Director General Position and replaced him by Dr. Patrick Karangwa.

In November last year, Prime Minister, Dr. Eduard Ngirente dismissed four RAB officials including former Deputy Director General, Dr. Daphrose Gahakwa, the Head of Land Husbandry, Irrigation and Mechanization, Innocent Nzeyimana, the Head of Corporate Services Division Violet Nyirasangwa, and the Head of Finance Theogene Bimenya src:Igihe

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