I have learned that caring and helping one another not only shows a good heart but humanity; and as the bible put it, it’s good to help those in need. When you help your friend, you give a good example to the others.

On the other hand, caring about others is a good sign of being compassionate to the needy, and those that need support at any time. I believe caring and helping are some of the key life values.

This reminds me of a story of a horse and a donkey. Their goes like this; once, a trader had a donkey and a horse. Everyday, he would load the donkey heavily and go to the city to sell things.

One hot day, the donkey started feeling dizzy. He asked the horse to take some of his load but the horse refused saying that it was not his duty to carry loads.

Soon the donkey fell down and died due to extreme heat. The trader put all the load on the horse’s back and continued his journey.

Moral of the story: So, it’s true that one who does not help his friend in need has to himself face problems in the long run. This story teaches us the value of helping.

By Angelique Mutesi

The writer is a 12-year-old primary six pupil

The Express News

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