It’s a great feeling to fall in love especially with that one person who adores and cares for you. On some occasions, you feel like telling the whole world about this awesome person.
Well, yes, it’s okay to talk about your loved one with your family members and friends but posting about them on social media may not be such a great idea.
For instance, George Lubwama says it’s always good to keep your relationship away from the prying eyes of the public. The businessman has been married for the past six years and never posts anything regarding his relationship on any social media platform.
“Because of limited censorship, people say all sorts of things on social media. Let’s not forget, they also abuse and insult. I am keeping my marriage away from all of this nastiness and influence of the world,” he says.
In addition, Lubwama says marriage is a sacred relationship between two people and not various people.
“I love my wife and do not find a need to keep telling the whole world about it. Some aspects of our lives are better not shared with the whole world,” he asserts.

It creates a lot of drama
In case you are a regular social media user, you might have witnessed a few couples constantly giving updates on their relationships. They might have shared pictures of their engagement, wedding or even of intimate moments. Updating your followers about your happy moments is not a bad thing. No, it isn’t. But how about when the relationship does not work? What will such couples do then?
We have seen scenarios where estranged couples delete photos, insult each other and before you know it, they are blocking each other. And this drama is all playing out on social media.
Sometimes such couples realise their shortcomings when it’s too late. When everybody has gotten to know their relationship issues and has become disgusted by the social media spat.
Zari Hassan, a Ugandan socialite and Diamond Platinumz, a Tanzanian singer took many by surprise when they started dating a few years ago. Before we knew it, they started posting their pictures as a couple on Facebook. They seemed a perfect match made in heaven and really in love. Some dubbed them the African version of Kanye West, an American musician and Kim Kardashian, a television reality personality.
Before we knew it, issues started cropping up in the relationship and do you know how many people got know through social media. They were accusations of infidelity and mistrust.
And recently, this was proved when Platinumz confessed to having fathered a child with Hamisa Mobetto who featured in the singer’s Salome video.
After the confession, many of Hassan’s followers noticed that she wiped her social media accounts including instagram of pictures of her and Platinumz.
Just as many had perceived this as a sign of the relationship, the couple (Zari and Diamond) was back at it posting other pictures together as if they were trying to prove a point to members of the public.
Many people are only interested in seeing such drama so that they can have something to gossip about.

The other reasons
Posting your love on social media may kill your relationship with other people.
“You may loose friends in the process as some may start to think that you are no longer part of their circle or class,” Margaret Bahinda, a counsellor says, adding, “Why do you think many married people complain of their single friends deserting them?”
Constantly posting pictures about your relationships also irritates people and breeds jealousy and gossip.
“You easily make yourself a target for unwanted attention and cheap talk, “Bahinda says, adding, “Besides, not everyone is happy that you are together. They will post that you are such a lovely couple and yet deep down they cannot wait for you to break up.”
In addition, Bahinda says posting one’s relationship on social media adds more pressure to the relationship.
“A couple may be forced to portray a false image. You find them expressing their love for each other and yet behind closed doors, things are not what they seem to be. They could be fighting and even sleeping in separate bedrooms,” she adds.
For couples who want to limit drama in their relationships, Bahinda advises them to refrain from making posts on social media about their love. src:monitor

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