Germany delegation commends City of Kigali master plan implementation process

During their visit to City of Kigali this Sunday, the delegation that as well includes mayors and members of parliament were taken through the vision of Kigali City and the implementation process of the city master plan which they commended and advised to keep it all-inclusive. Minister Lewintz said that the way Rwanda is developing after the 1994 genocide against the Tutsi, compares well with how Germany and Rhénanie Palatinat developed after Second World War.

“After Second World War, Germany seemed completely demolished, everything had been razed down; it required us to reconstruct our cities. After the 1994 genocide against the Tutsi too, Rwanda and Kigali had been destroyed. It requires you to engage on a continuous reconstruction process, ” Lewintz said.

Speaking to Media , City of Kigali Mayor, Pascal Nyamulinda said that Rhénanie Palatinat officials visit Rwanda every year to observe the progress of the country in different programmes.

City of Kigali officials told their Rhénanie Palatinat counterparts that by 2040, 90% of city dwellers will be living in affordable houses and city transportation will be smoother in a cleaner greener environment.src: Igihe

The Express News

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