Olivier Nduhungirehe, the State Minister for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs , Cooperation and East African Community has ruled out security threats could face the country following new visa regime only acknowledging the move as a proof of good relationship between Rwanda on international scene and that fears of potential insecurity are not grounded as Rwanda will always maintain its ways of insuring security.

Minister Olivier Nduhungirehe has insisted in ,a press interview, that the move of new visa regime of the Republic of Rwanda is aimed at strengthening the existing relationship with other countries and opening its borders to all people around the world and that in this way investors are no exceptions. He admitted the move will let in the influx of more people around the world something which is beneficial to the country.

Nduhungirehe speaking about fears of potential insecurity that could face the country following the new visa regime, he scotches threat could arise following that move as Rwanda ,though, have opened wide its borders has not left them unsecured and that the country will remain firm in its ways of insuring security.
Starting January 1, 2018 the Republic of Rwanda has put into effect the new Visa Regime by which visa will be issue issued upon arrival i.e. without need for prior application before travel.
The move for new Visa Regime by the Republic of Rwanda will let citizens of some countries enjoy visa waiver such as EAC citizens, Mauritius, Seychelles and Singapore.

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