The last of inmates in Nyarugenge Prison will have been moved to Mageragere Prison by May 2018 to leave the place for cultural heritage according to Rwanda Correctional Service.

Rwanda Correctional Service began relocation activities of Nyarugenge Prison commonly known as “1930” in Muhima sector to a newly modern built Mageragere Prison in the same District, starting February 2017. However, other female inmates who are set to be moved to Mageragere Prison remained in the former Prison.
“The are 500 female inmates in Nyarugenge Prison, but we will wrap up moving all of them at Mageragere by May 2018 since their wing is nearly ready”
Said Hilary Sengabo, The spokesperson for Rwanda Correctional Service, according to KT Press
He said further that the premise will be handed to Kigali City for further exploitation as its land falls under Kigali city Properties.
The Premise basically located near the Natural History Museum Richard Kandt House, a modern house built by Germans early in colonization era was proposed to be turned into a heritage hotel according to authorities of Kigali City, a project to be thoroughly studied.
Nyarugenge Prison is believed to be the first modern building by Belgians Colonizers in 1930.
Nyarugenge Prison among other long time building such as Sainte Famille Catholic Church, Matheus Commercial Centre, Le Plateau, and Nyarugenge Prison – 1930 were published in the official gazette of the Republic of Rwanda as heritage museums in accordance with Kigali city Master Plan.

The Express News


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