Experts say good time keeping is an essential thing toward success; which means clocks and wrist watches should be taken as time keeping devices instead of ornaments because time is expensive.

In the pre-colonial period our ancestors used sun and shade with help of a stick shadow to tell time, and the invasion of colonialists in Africa brought new time keeping devices like clocks and wrist watches which spread all around the continent later on after the first Anglo-boer war in South Africa in early 1880’s.

In our daily life it’s common for people to buy wrist watches which is a good thing, but it seems not everyone is able to comprehend its importance. Some when asked why they wear watches they say ” Because it looks expensive that’s why I put it on my arm”. Others say ” A friend of mine gave it to me as a gift; I had no other options so I had to put it on”. Nevertheless, intellectuals take time as a dimension in which events can be ordered from the past through the present into future and also the measure of duration of events and the intervals between them thus the accomplishment of goals and objectives being set to be achieved.

This signifies that for a country to develop rapidly and boast its economy; its citizens need also to respect and apprehend the importance of time and also consider the negative side effects of not being time conscious onto their daily life and perhaps stop being ignorant of it through buying and taking wrist watches as decoration only instead of time keeping devices.

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